Online entrepreneurial courses
to help your business soar

The Blue Eagle Club has been designed with entrepreneurs in mind. All the courses relate to some part of the entrepreneurial journey . . . Whether you have the beginnings of an idea, or are preparing for that big pitch, whether you need skills for getting your business off the ground, or want to make sure you can raise funding more easily, or whether you want to scale your business profitably, we have a course for you.

The Blue Eagle Club courses follow sprint methodology. Sprint methodology entails condensing learning into short, intense periods. There are specific start and end dates for each sprint. It is paced and built in incremental steps to ensure that it is effective and easy to absorb.

Each course also includes four live-booster sessions to help ensure you stay on track. In the booster session, qualified topic experts lead group discussions and answer any questions you may have.

The Blue Eagle Club has been curated with high-quality and, more importantly, highly practical content to ensure you can apply what you learn in your business. Keep visiting this website as we continue to add more and more exciting sprints.