12 September – 18 November, 2022
10 – weeks sprint
+ 1 Additional Month


The Will my business make money? course has been designed to assist you to assess your business’s financial health by providing you with the tools to better understand, analyse and assess and work towards improved financial performance. The course consists of 8 modules that cover key areas of business finance. Together, we will work on developing a positive relationship towards financial management by exploring and understanding and appraising the key financial statements and deep-diving into profitability, liquidity and solvency in your business. You will be provided with the tools to apply, analyse and understand the results or your ratio analysis as an indicator of how well you are managing your finances and your business’ financial performance. In completing this course you will be empowered to track your financial health as part of financial self-discipline, all while developing your confidence to better manage your accounts and make better-informed decisions around the growth of your business.


Module 1 Introduction To Financial Health – Welcome to the first module for the Will my business make money? finance course titled Introduction to financial health. This module aims to reframe your thinking about your businesses’ finances by doing foundational work on setting a strategic purpose that informs our drive to succeed. Together we will determine what is needed to effectively analyse our financial data and take a sneak peek at the management accounts analysis we will complete in Module 8.
Module 2 The Big Four – The second module briefly reviews the structure and purpose of the big four financial statements – the balance sheet, income statement, cashflow statement and budget. In future modules we will draw on data from these financial statements, so it is imperative to have these statements up to date and available in order to effectively work through the course work. We will also explore our first two ratios: the break-even point and the safety margin as critical tools to determine the number of sales required to financially break even.
Module 3 Profitability Analysis – The first focus of financial analysis is to determine the profitability of the business. Having knowledge of your business’s profitability provides you with an overview of your business’ performance over time. Consulting the income statement, you will unpack and apply a collection of profitability ratios using the financial data at your disposal to create a financial dashboard for analysis.
Module 4 Liquidity Analysis – Module 4 explores liquidity as a measurement of how agile a business is in terms of managing cash flow and paying off liabilities. The learning in this module will introduce you to four ratios to apply and measure your business’ liquidity. You will work towards completing the liquidity analysis sustainability brick, a reusable asset that provides you with a dashboard of comparison and a holistic view of how money is flowing in and out of your business.
Module 5 The Cash Flow Forecast – By building your Cash Flow forecast you will be able to predict the in and outflow of money in your business over the next 12 months. Working through the learning content in this module, you will not only learn how to create your own forecast but start to analyse what the impact of financial management could be to the business strategy. Armed with this prediction, you will be better positioned to identify possible cash shortages in the future and even potential monetary surpluses that can be better leveraged to grow the business.
Module 6 Solvency Analysis – The aim of module 6 is to understand the world of solvency and get a long-term view of the company’s financial health by looking at the assets to debt and equity over time. Together we will work through solvency ratios and complete the solvency analysis sustainability brick as a tool to better leverage and grow the assets and match the debt commitments you currently have in your business.
Module 7 Creditors – As a business owner, you cannot mitigate the finances of your business without considering the payment of creditors and management of debtors. Module 7 lays out the creditor payment process and provides you with a tool to document this process in your business. You will also work through the Creditors Days ratio to gain a clearer picture of when your payments are going out to as it impacts the cash flow in your business.
Module 8 Management Accounts Analysis – In this final module we apply the concepts and tools we’ve covered from modules 1 to 7 to complete the full management accounts template. We will work through the completed example and start to analyse the results to better understand our business’s profitability, liquidity and solvency on a quarterly basis as well as in a yearly view. Armed with this information you can track and understand the true financial standing of the business in order to mitigate any risks identified and make sound strategic decisions on how to better management the business in the future.

Meet your facilitator


Yasmeen Ali

A highly experienced entrepreneurial learning facilitator, Yasmeen holds an Honours degree in Commerce from Wits University. She has spent more than ten years in the Raizcorp Learning Academy which is responsible for training and developing entrepreneurs across South Africa and beyond. She is also the host of the Small Biz MBA on Business Day TV.

About our courses

The Will My Business Make Money course has been designed to assist you in assessing your business’s financial health. You’ll get the tools you need to assess, understand and analyse so you can work towards improved financial performance. Key areas of business finance are covered in eight modules, and we’ll work together to develop a positive relationship with financial management. We’ll explore, understand and appraise crucial financial statements. We’ll dive deep into profitability, liquidity and solvency (not as scary as they sound!) in relation to your business.

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 By the end of the course, you’ll be able to understand the results of a ratio analysis which will indicate your financial importance and show you exactly how well you are managing your business finances. Knowledge and comprehension are assessed in a short quiz at the end of each module, as well as a final examination. You’ll receive two “booster” sessions facilitated by a Raizcorp guide (business mentor). These provide an opportunity to ask questions, receive live feedback, and discuss the application of course content to the unique context of your business.

How will this help you in your business?

On completion of this course, you’ll feel empowered to track your financial health as part of your financial self-discipline. You’ll develop your confidence in managing your accounts and you will make informed decisions around the growth of your business. Through practical application, you’ll go from strength to strength in financial key areas like statements, ratios and projections. All of this will translate to a tangible change in your business. The course culminates in the completion of a management accounts analysis tool, which assists you in integrating the concepts covered and form a holistic understanding of your business’s financial track record, current financial health, and possible future directions.

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