12 September – 18 November, 2022
10 – weeks sprint
+ 1 Additional Month


There is a saying that the best form of funding for a business is strong sales. But does the thought of selling make you want to collapse into a puddle of stress and anxiety? When selling, the chance of rejection is high and this makes many people uncomfortable. Even so, the truth is that if you are not selling anything, you are not making money! But, price and customer service is all I need to bring in the customers, right? Wrong! Getting someone to buy into your business is a skill, a skill that can be learned so that you can get your foot in the door.


Module 1 Sales Tools – In the first module, we take the first step in your sales journey by completing a gap analysis that will form the foundation of your sales strategy. You will also work through three key sales tools that will become part of your sales arsenal.
Module 2 The Basics Of Sales – Module 2 breaks down the art of selling by unpacking and answering four questions about seller and buyer motivation. By reframing your thoughts and feelings about sales, you will be well on your way to improving your attitude, overcoming your fears and becoming a better salesperson.
Module 3 The USP Foothold – In module 3, we challenge you to objectively unpack what makes your product or service unique. By using core competencies, you will be able to truly appreciate what makes you different from your competition and create your USP foothold.
Module 4 From Elevator Pitch To Sales Pitch – In this module, we explore the elevator pitch. This is the first tool in your sales presentation toolbox, and will lead to the crafting of your own impactful and memorable sales pitch.
Module 5 Cold Calling – This module delves into the world of sales calls. You will begin to shift your perceptions around cold calling, write an effective sales script, and lay out a strategy that embraces making sales calls on a daily basis.
Module 6 Objections and Closing – In module 6, you will learn to identify and classify the most common sales objections, and explore how to handle these objections using a variety of techniques. You will also move through the final steps of the sales process by exploring how to close the sale.
Module 7 Marketing Collateral and Networking – Module 7 takes a closer look at using marketing collateral as a sales tool to help you communicate with your customers. In addition, we unpack the art of networking and incorporate it into your sales strategy.
Module 8 The Sales Presentation – The final module reviews everything you’ve learned over the duration of the course, and shows you how to bring it all together in the final sales presentation.

Meet your facilitator


Tsepho Serokolo

Tshepo is a Raizcorp Certified Entrepreneur Guide and learning facilitator specialising in the areas of personal development and entrepreneurial mindset. Over the past decade, he has interviewed, trained and profiled more than 10 000 entrepreneurs in the startup, incubation and scale phases of the business lifecycle.

About our courses

Have you ever had anyone talk you through the art of selling? Do you have a sales strategy? Do you need to rethink your product and reframe it as a solution? Do you understand what lies behind a sales rejection and how to counter it? This course is designed specifically to help you, the entrepreneur, overcome the obstacles you face with sales. We’ll help you understand the sales landscape and teach you how to position yourself to succeed. By working through your emotional barriers to sales, you will take the first steps in reframing your attitude to sales.

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Sales are the life force of any business. When sales are going well, everything else in the business is possible. This course will give you what you need to increase your sales, and build lasting client relationships that are mutually beneficial. We’ll look at everything that goes into a sales strategy – from your product and your target market, to your USP and crafting your sales pitch. You’ll learn what to listen for and what your clients will be listening for in your pitches. Getting in the door is not about bombarding your client with facts and smooth talking your way to a deal.

We’ll show you how to craft your message so that it talks about remedying your clients’ pain and reaching their desired outcomes. You’ll focus on finding the value in your product, and how to package that value through your sales processes. This means you’ll be paid what your product or service is worth and not what your client bargains for.  We’ll unpack the types of objections you are likely to encounter and work on strategies to overcome these.

What you’ll get

How will this help you in your business?

Not only will you leave this course with a better understanding of sales, you’ll also walk away with an arsenal of implementable sales tools to use in your business into the future. You’ll reframe your relationship with sales while gaining an understanding of the sales landscape and how to sell. You’ll reflect on your customer’s needs and desires to better position your product or service. You’ll learn to craft a sales pitch for various occasions and develop your own sales strategy.

 You’ll work through common objections and develop a rejection strategy. You’ll create your own sales presentation that can be reused repeatedly. By the end of this course, you will have developed better sales skills and a feeling of excitement towards your next sale. 
But, possibly the most important benefit of completing this course, will be the bump you’ll see in the sales column of your financials.

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