What is a sprint?

A “sprint” is a methodology that condenses learning content into short, intensive periods. Sprints are paced and constructed as incremental steps to help ensure that the learning is effective and easy to absorb the learning. Each sprint has a specific start and end date. Depending on the course, Blue Eagle Club sprints can be either eight-week or ten-week periods.

How Blue Eagle Club sprints work

Blue Eagle Club sprints run over set periods of time, starting on a specific date. The sprint runs for the allocated period of time (which is either eight or ten weeks). Users continue to have access to learning material for one additional month after the sprint end date.

Live booster sessions

Each Blue Eagle Club sprint features two “live booster” sessions during which an expert facilitator hosts a live virtual session to discuss any questions course participants may have and also share additional insights on the topic. The first live booster session takes place in the middle of the sprint period and the second at the end of the sprint period. These are once-off live sessions for participants to gain face-to-face answers and insights and are not repeated.


At the end of the course, you will be invited to participate in an assessment. Those who pass the assessment will receive a certificate of completion. Those who don’t pass will be given a second chance to write. Those who complete a course but don’t pass the assessment will receive a certificate of attendance.