For many entrepreneurs, finance is one of the biggest challenges they need to overcome in order to succeed. How Does Business Work? challenges entrepreneurs to become comfortable with this business skill by analysing key management accounts, and by building systems around cash flow, debtors and creditors, as well as pricing.

Module One

Module Two

Talking money

The budget

In the first module, we begin the journey of building out our own business modelling and planning document – the Business Think document. We focus on your business’s history, values, vision and mission, and work on building out your business model and reviewing your management structure. Finally, we lay out the targets and objectives that will guide how your business will operate.

This module focuses on the market you aim to enter with your product or service. You will analyse the existing market and carry out an industry analysis. You will identify your target market and consider your competition. Finally, you will consider the sales and marketing strategy that will best serve your business’s targets and objectives.

Module Three

Module Four

The Product

The income statement

Module 3 investigates the product or service you are offering by means of a basic product description, the features and benefits and an analysis of its uniqueness. We explore different pricing models and the best ways to position your product in the market. You will do a basic cost analysis to arrive at a selling price that honestly reflects the value of your product. By the end of this module, you will have analysed your product from various angles along with the price, value, cost and profit.

This module delves into the aspects of what makes a business work, namely, systems and processes. We identify systems and processes in your business, and work out the best ways to build, maintain and improve them. We consider operations, staffing, suppliers, production, distribution, payment and quality control as key business functions.

Learning Facilitator

Yasmeen Ali

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About the course

Thank you for the productive and engaging weeks of content and work. The course was rich in content. I truly enjoyed the layout of the course as its practical and stimulating.

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